How to prepare tomato omelette

How to prepare tomato omelette

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Tomato omelette is one of the most popular types of Iranian omelette, which is also served in coffee shops due to its great popularity. In the past, this delicious omelette was made only from a combination of eggs and tomatoes with spices, but today in some restaurants, ingredients such as onions, bell peppers and mushrooms have been added to this omelette.

Ingredients for 4 people
8 large tomatoes
1 large onion
4 eggs
1 bell pepper (optional)
Enough salt and black pepper
Enough oil and thyme

How to prepare tomato omelette
first stage
If you make tomato omelette without onions, we recommend that you make omelette with onions only once to notice the difference in taste. First, chop the onion finely and fry it with some oil in a suitable pan.

second stage
After the onion is light, add some spices (curry, turmeric, etc.) to the onion, and after frying a little, take the skin of the tomatoes and chop them finely, then add them to the pan containing the onion. we do.

third level
Roast the tomatoes a little, then put the lid on the pan to let the tomatoes soak. If you fry the tomatoes on high heat, you do not need to put the lid on the pan because their excess water will evaporate very quickly.

The fourth step
If you want to use bell pepper in your omelet, chop it into small pieces and add it to the pan. At this stage, we have to fry the tomatoes and bell peppers until they are completely soft, cooked and oiled.

Step Five
Now it’s time to add the eggs. We can break the eggs in a bowl and mix, then add them to the pan once or break them one by one and add them to the pan. We also add thyme to the eggs that we added.

Step Six
Then add some salt and black pepper and stir constantly until the eggs are firm and fully cooked. When the omelette is ready, we serve it with Barbari bread or fresh Sangak bread.

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